Friday, December 3, 2010

I craft some stuff

Yes, that is shocking, I know.  As a SAHM, I do feel this little bit of pressure to be this crafty domestic fantasy matriarch, adept with needle, thread and glue gun.  But alas, I fall wildly short of this persona.  BUT, sometimes, very rarely, I am inspired enough to actually make and do.

So, tiny backstory.  I have a front door.  It has a nail in it that has been there for, ? 65 years?, and I feel that it was likely the nail upon which many a wreath has adorned.  So, I wanted a wreath this holiday season.  Since my last Christmas wreath was stolen off my door in Charleston (the wreath my now deceased Grandmother made for me...*ahem), I haven't had another.  Looking around at various places that sell those kinds of holiday adornments had left me rather unimpressed.  Alas, I thought, I'll just get some pine boughs and be done with it!  But then, I read Jill Krause of Babyrabies' excellent Felt Pomp Wreath Tutorial, and was inspired to try my hand!

I followed her directions pretty much to the letter.  I did need more than one yard of felt, (which, by the way, I bought the same sparkly red, as my black front door would swallow anything green, and the other reds were a bit too... hmm, orange - and sparkly red is quite festive!) I used about 1.25 yards and I severely underestimated the amount of ribbon I'd need, as I forgot to write down how much Jill suggested using.  Sooo, after running out of ribbon TWICE, I bought a heck of a lot more than I wound up needing, but likely I'll find a use for red satin ribbon this month... sometime.

As for cost, well, I'm not chock full of crafty supplies.  So, I needed a glue gun, glue sticks, and a rotary cutter, because even this talentless hack realized from reading her tutorial that scissors would make me NUTS after about the 300th felt square.

All in all, I am quite pleased.  The red is pretty and the wreath is simple and unique.  I might not even hang it on the front door, and put it over the fireplace... such decisions have not been made yet.  But here you go, for your viewing pleasure.  My take on the Felt Pomp Wreath!

This wasn't too difficult a project, and it's so cute, I can imagine that many of Jill's readers will be pomping some felt this holiday season to make a cute, economical and festive little wreath!


Jill @babyrabies said...

I looks amazing!! You did a great job! Thank you so much for sharing :)

Kiki said...

yay!! nice job :)
what's a rotary cutter? sounds fun and crafty... one day my crafty self with rise again.

Carri, Lou, and Josie said...

oooh super cute. we took the way easier route of buying the wreath & just decorating it with shiny bits & pieces from michaels. very ambitious my love. and worth it. it's great!

Two Makes Four said...

Wow hey, that's a pretty wreath! That'll look nice on a black front door!

Catherine said...

Thanks everyone!